and we’re . . . . . . . . . .Live!


How did I get here?  This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife . . . or maybe it is.

After what seemed an interminably long gestation period, and quite a bit of being dazed and confused, as The Talking Heads so entertainingly articulated, we are LIVE! This textile designer and mill agent has just morphed into a textile educator, blogger and owner of a website. I got here not by a conscious plan, but by following an industry and people that I love. Along the way I discovered I had built a beautiful life full of amazing fabrics, wildly creative people, and generous, nurturing associates. So, while not my wife, this website and blog is my child, and looking back it is not so mysterious that I find myself here, writing about what I love. My world is filled with special fabrics, authentic textiles, made with quality materials, integrity in design and construction – textiles that make us happy, contribute warmth and grace to our lives. Why not share the love?

Textiles surround us, envelop our bodies everyday all day, yet the thought most of us give them, aside from the color and style of our clothing, is infinitesimal. Quick, what is the color of the sofa in your home. Good, now what is it’s texture? Is it a solid color or a blend of colors? Do you know the fiber composition? Hummm, not so good. Most importantly though, how does that fabric make you feel? Yes, we’ve gotten touchy-feely already, but hang with me for a moment. You sit on it, look at it many times a day, shouldn’t you feel good about it? These thoughts might seem under your radar, but chances are very good they aren’t. If the arm of your favorite chair is worn it bugs you – maybe not consciously, but the thought is there in the back of your mind. Perhaps you’ve thought about how you should find some fabric, then find someone to reupholster the chair, then get over the sticker shock of the cost, then find a way to finance what you know you want to do. Chances are really good that isn’t going to happen, am I right?

I posit that if you were more confident in your fabric choices, if you realized you really cared about that fabric and knew where to find it, felt sure you knew enough to make a thoughtful and practical choice, believed you were getting a good value for your hard earned dollar, you would be more inclined to put a plan into action and have a chair in your house with fabric that gave you just a ping of pleasure every time you glanced at it. These little blips of satisfaction count, they help make a nice day, and who doesn’t need a nice day?

So my goal here is to educate and inform anyone who wants to know more about the fabrics, particularly the upholstery textiles in their lives, and how better to appreciate, specify and use them more successfully. Or maybe it is to honor those designers, mill workers, and business people who have carefully selected and developed truly fine textiles to offer to consumers and interior designers. Then again, perhaps this blog  with the theme of authentic textiles has been brought into existence to celebrate beauty, creativity and ingenuity within the textile industry.  I hope you will choose one or more of the above and follow along with me in this journey. Textiles is a vast, multi-layered, fascinating world and there is so much to explore and learn.


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