What’s the Point?

Textured fabric with novelty yarns.

Textile design showing a sophisticated marriage of novelty yarns.

So here we are with the long awaited website and blog, but what’s the point? You, my skeptical readers, are right to question the need in this world for a blog dedicated to fine upholstery fabrics, and sure, in the larger scheme of things I wish I was here blogging about ways to end war, global poverty, and racism, but this is not my expertise. I know fabrics. I’ve been working with them for a very long time, since my childhood by some accounts, and when I start talking about quality textiles I find people genuinely curious and often, even within the design industry, confused or misinformed about how fabric is made, where it comes from (not the stork), and how it should be used. Enough of those comments have come up over the years, so that as I was exploring new avenues in textiles to pursue – for fun and profit – eventually these thoughts bubbled to the forefront of my mind and coalesced into the idea of teaching what I know.

Continuing education classes seem to be the perfect venue for exploring various topics on textile design, construction and performance in depth without the constraints and obligations of a full college curriculum. Recently I received word that the first class I submitted to the IDCEC organization has been approved. “How Textile Mills Work; exploring the relationship between mills and the US customers they serve”,  is fully sanctioned and available for booking by design and professional organizations who use IDCEC for accreditation.  I am also in touch with other organizations like ACT, or the Association of Contract Textiles, to be an authorized presenter of their CEU’s as well and hope by the end of the year to have a full menu of courses to offer designers, textile jobbers, rep groups, design centers –  anyone who would like to sponsor a class.

My ambition is not grand. I don’t aspire to global domination of textile CEU classes – nor to building a public speaking empire. I know what I know and love and enjoy spreading the knowledge and appreciation of Authentic Textiles. The journey will be the award. Well, that along with fair financial compensation. I greatly appreciate those of you who will follow (hint, hint) that journey in large and small ways.

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