My chair, eventually perfect!

After 17 years that is saying, what, that I don’t buy much furniture? Yes. That the furniture I have bought comes with an acceptable fabric already on it? Yes. That I am loathe to replace perfectly acceptable fabric with something that more specifically suits my tastes, and if I’m honest, my ego? Yes. That I have trouble making the big decisions on such things because what if it is only perfect for today and not tomorrow? Yes.

Jack Lenor Larsen – In Admiration

Reading a recent interview with Larsen in Dwell magazine made me realize that although he has created some of the most exquisite and expensive fabrics available, Larsen also has an egalitarian view of owning fine, authentic textiles and bringing them into our lives. As he suggests in the article, just one yard of his fabric could upholster 4 dining room chairs, and I might add, an ottoman, bench or even become a stand alone wall hanging.