Mette’s beautiful designs

Several readers of this blog have commented on the striking fabric used in the header. A quirk of the website template I use is that the header doesn’t have a caption, so I would like to publicly credit and thank the design’s creator, Mette Krebs Petersen, in this post. I have had the pleasure of working with Mette in several venues over the years and have always been impressed by her talent and professionalism. As I was developing Authentic Textiles I unearthed in my studio samples of several of Mette’s yet to be commercially available designs, and she has graciously allowed me to feature the one you see in the header photograph and others you may see adorn future blog posts. You can see some of Mette’s designs for Luna Textiles on their website. Here are some of my favorites: Bubbly, Downtown, and Pearls.

Contract upholstery fabric - tapestry design by Mette Krebs Petersen

Contemporary tapestry design for contract upholstery designed by Mette Krebs Petersen

I plan to showcase many designers and mill designs over time. There is a vast ocean of talent and inspiration within the industry and no end of good stories and great textiles. I hope you  enjoy the photos and if you have suggestions on how I can improve your appreciation of them please let me know in the ‘Comments’ section.

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