Authentic Textiles

Authentic Textiles was created to celebrate and explore the most beautiful textiles in the world. Having been fascinated by fabrics for as long as I can remember, particularly those used in interiors, and having worked with or around the highest quality textiles my entire professional life I feel compelled to share the love, and the knowledge I have gained over more than three decades.

My background includes interior design and space planning at Callison in Seattle, textile design and development with Knoll Textiles, Deepa Textiles and Luna Textiles, freelance textile design and  textile sales representing high end mills from the United States, Europe and New Zealand.

Disclaimer: Some of the companies I mention in this blog are customers, have been customers, or are companies and people I have known through professional contacts over the years. I can’t promise absolute objectivity, but try to be neither harsh and judgmental, nor blindly fawning in my comments and examples. My ulterior motive, and I certainly have one, is to educate and enlighten those who want to know more about fine textiles so that there is a robust industry in the future, enabling fine people to make a living in this amazing business that has supported and nurtured me for so many years.

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