MCK Associates

MCK Associates is the name of my primary business as a representative for a number of US, New Zealand and European mills. Sales are at the wholesale level – I sell to the people who sell to interior designers and large end users, as well as residential furniture manufacturers. The roster has changed over the years as customer base and mill products have evolved. Currently I represent the following:

  • A US mill specializing in luxurious constructions designed with premium chenille yarns, novelty tape yarns and linen.
  • A wool mill in New Zealand weaving classic wool constructions as well as elegant blends combining flax and silk.
  • A Belgium mill specializing in unusual constructions integrating unique yarns sourced in Europe.
  • A French mill known for their high end count constructions in cotton, linen, and Trevira CS™ polyester.
  • A mill in the UK weaving traditional wool qualities as well as innovative textures with sustainable fibers, and recycled polyester.

Disclaimer: Some of the companies I mention in this blog are customers, have been customers, or are companies and people I have known through professional contacts over the years. I can’t promise absolute objectivity, but try to be neither harsh and judgmental, nor blindly fawning in my comments and examples. My ulterior motive, and I certainly have one, is to educate and enlighten those who want to know more about fine textiles so that there is a robust industry in the future, enabling fine people to make a living in this amazing business that has supported and nurtured me for so many years.

If you are interested in knowing more about the mills and would like to discuss working with them please write to me using the Contact Us form. Please bear in mind minimum order quantities apply and sampling costs are involved in the development of  fabrics with these mills.

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